Pet Hair Trimmer Shaver Rechargeable

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BRAND NAME: Pet Hair Trimmer Shaver Rechargeable

pet hair clipper: driveway trimmer

dog clippers: driveway Shaver

driveway clipper: Pet Hair Trimmer

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Voltage: 3.7V

Type: Dogs

Standby Time: 1-2 hours

Rechargeable Pet Clipper: Electric Pet Hair Trimmer

Power Source: Battery

Power: 5W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: DKW001

Item Type: Dog Hair Trimmer

Is Smart Device: NO

Factory or Company: Factory

Charging Time: 3-4 hours

Charging Time: 4 Hour

Certification: CE/Rosh/Fcc Verified

Certification: CE

Brand Name: driveway

Battery Type: 1200mAH Lithium


Pet Clipper Electric Pet Hair Trimmer Shaver Rechargeable Pet Dog Cat Low-noise Hair Clipper Grooming Shaver Cut Machine Set

Working Voltage: 3.7V Power: 5W Charging Time: Around 3-4 hrs Running Time: 120-150 minutes Battery Type: 1200mAH Lithium


1. Do not knock down product by yourselves. 2. Do not wash and place it in wet condition. 3. Do not place it in over high temperature(over 40 Celsius degree) andor over low temperature (below 0 Celsius degree). 4. Do not use product in the bathroom or near water. 5. Completely discharge the battery before the first charging;

How to Charge:

1. Put the charger plug into the clippers' slot. 2. Plug the USB plug into a USB adapter(mobile phone adapter). 3. Plug the adaptor plug into an electrical outlet after confirming that the cliperis power off.

Comb Attachment Instruction:

1.Before clipping, please clean dry and groom the hair 2. When using the clipper with the plastic attachment comb, you need to clean the hair in the comb frequently to avoid and hair stuck in the comb. It is a normal phenomenon when using the attachment comb to clipping.

Clean Steps:

1. Before unloading the blade, make sure you have switched off the clipper. Use your thumb to remove the blade as shown above.

2. Use the brush to remove any remaining hair between the upper blade and the lower blade. Please do not take apart the spring of the blade in case it breaks down.

3. Use the brush to remove any remaining hair from the clipper.

4. After cleaning the blade, add some lubricant between the upper blade and the lower blade. Otherwise, the blades' edge may go dull, make weird noise, give out heat, and lower the performance.

5. Replace the blade. You will hear a clicking sound when done correctly