Cat Water Fountain Replacement

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BRAND NAME:  Cat Water Fountain Replacement Filter Elements Activated

With Water Dispenser: No

Type: cats

Time Setting: No

Power Source: CHARGE

Origin: Mainland China

Min Output: 50g

Max Output: 2000g

Material: Other

3/6/12PCS Cat Water Fountain Replacement Filter Elements Activated For Cats Pet Drinking Bowl Auto Feeder


1. The high-density microporous filter screen filters out hair and impurities in the water and reduces hair balls in the body.

2. High-density coconut shell activated carbon removes fine impurities and harmful microorganisms and reduces illness.

3. Ion exchange resin can effectively remove metal ions in water and prevent cat stones

Rinse the filter with water about 10 mins before use, replace it every 4 to 6 weeks to fresh the water.

Package: 3/6/12pcs filters you can choose.