Automatic Pet Water Drinking Bowl

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BRAND NAME: Automatic Pet Water FountainDrinking Bowl Smart Drinking Running

3L USB Pet Smart Drinking Fountain Mute Automatic Running Water Cat Drinking Fountain Dog Drinker Auto Feeder Bowl for Cat & Dog


This water dispenser uses a usb plug, which is divided into light and no light. It adopts a new technology and is silent when the water is discharged, which will not disturb sleep. At the same time, there is a filter element to block pollution, so that cats and dogs can drink safe and safe water. Since then, they will have a good body and be able to accompany their owners for a long time.

About this item:

【Large Capacity Tank】3L large water tank to meet the needs of long-term circulation water supply. In this way, there is always water available for pet and it helps to reduce replenish frequency.

【Water Status Window】Soft indicator light on appearance provides visual status, even it is in dark sight, to clearly know when to replenish. Blue light indicates there is water inside. Red light indicates water is under low level.

【Noise-Free Design】Pets are easily spooked by unidentified noise. We noticed it and improved this defect for not scaring pets coming close drinking. With this improvement, even when it is functioning and night, it will not to disturbing sleeping. Adapter is not included!

【Two Fountain Outlet】Two outlets flowing mode,one is with trickle flow, and one is like spring flow, mimics the natural running water stimulates pets to get close and enjoy the peace of drinking.

【24H Circulating Filtration】The four-layer filter refreshes fluid by its circulating system which follows the required standard keeps pets away from gastrointestinal diseases:improve the taste of the water,demineralizing the water to reduce the risk, and blocking large particles and large diameter pollutants, etc.


Mention: Adapter is NOT included !

Color: White

Filter Material: High-iodine purified coconut shell activated carbon=ion exchange resin

Product Capacity:3L

Product Size: 19.5*19.5* 15.2cm (7.6*7.6*5.9")

Product Weight: 0.6KG (1.3lb)

Operating Temperature: 0°-50°

The length of the USB data cable is about 1.6 meters

Warm Notes:

1.Clean the water tank and Silent Pumponce a week.

2.Filter Replacement Time: Charcoal Filter better to be exchanged every 1-2 months.