Pet Poop Portable Garbage Bag

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BRAND NAME:  Pet Poop Portable Garbage Bag 

Usage: Pet Poop Bag

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: HLA0281

Dog Litter Item Type: Pooper Scoopers & Bags



Pet Supply Poop Bag Garbage Bag Degradable Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly Portable Pick-up Dispenser Rounded For Dog Cat


Bullet Points:

1、Environmentally friendly and degradable: Our garbage bags use starch-based biodegradable materials, which can be degraded by compost within 30 days. Even if they are discarded, they will not harm the earth.

2、Sturdy pick-up bag: With bag thickening design, it has no peculiar smell and is not easy to break. It is more firm, can withstand greater weight and will not penetrate. The sealed design will not overflow the odor.

3、Easy to use and pull out of the bag: With round notch, the bag can be easily pulled out and not easily damaged. With a point-break design, it is easy to tear and not easy to tear.

4、Garbage bags and dispensers: This kit includes a dispenser and 16 rolls of 15 degradable garbage bags for a total of 15 rolls per roll.

5、Better choice: The environmentally friendly, degradable and sturdy, safe and convenient bag is a better choice for pet owners.



Material: starch-based biodegradable material

Specifications: about 22 * 33cm/8.66 * 12.99in (15pcs /roll )

Weight: about 30g / roll



Made from biodegradable materials, it is environmentally friendly and can be composted and degraded.

With thick design, it is soft and odorless, not easy to break and more firm.

It has a greater load-bearing capacity and does not leak when cleaned.

It has a closed design so that the odor does not overflow.

With bag point break design, it is easy to tear and not easy to tear, reasonable to design and easy to operate.

Made from new PE raw materials, the dispenser is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Designed with a rounded notch, it is quick and easy to pull out of the bag and is not easily damaged.

When the inner bag is used up, you can replace it with a new one.