Waterproof Pet Litter Mat Double Layer Litter

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BRAND NAME: Waterproof Pet Litter Mat Double Layer Litter 

Type: cats

Model Number: WM0056

Material: PU

Kattenmat: trap matten

Is Smart Device: NO

Feature: waterproof

Color: Black, Gray

Cat accessories: Waterproof pet cat litter mat

Cat Mat: cat litter mat


Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat Double Layer Litter Cat Mat 


1. The edges are beautifully quilted, the bottom is thickened, the process is compact and durable.

2. Waterproof base to prevent water and urine from leaking to the floor.

3. Adopt environmental protection and high elasticity EVA foam, honeycomb shape, easy to collect sand.

4. Double-layer cat litter trap, used to capture cat litter in cat paws and cat litter boxes, helping you save cleaning time and sand cost

5. Easy to clean, just pour out garbage through the opened pocket.


Material: EVA

Color: Black, Grey

Package included: 1 x Pet Litter Mat


30 x 30cm / 11.8 x 11.8inch

30 x 45cm / 11.8 x 17.7inch

40 x 50cm / 15.7 x 19.7inch  

45 x 60cm / 17.7 x 23.6inch Foldable(30 x 47 x 1.4cm)

55 x 70cm / 21.7 x 27.5inch Foldable(35 x 55 x 1.4cm)